Private Commissions

To create a beautiful portrait one must believe, as Juliet does, that there is beauty in everybody. Her photographs attest to this and are a combination of outer and inner beauty. Her images are not only a work of art but they also radiate the person’s individuality, dignity and personality.

One of Juliet’s sitters once said, “Juliet knows the right moment before that moment arrives”. It is this intuition combined with the eye of an artist that allows Juliet to capture something unique and create a dramatic piece of art out of every sitting. But the art of photography is not limited to just capturing the right moment, the artist must also have a discerning eye for composition and know how best to light her subjects. Over the years Juliet has perfected her lighting technique and developed a unique procedure for creating extraordinary prints.

Juliet has the amazing ability of transforming what is usually a trying experience into a playful and relaxing interlude. Nearly all of Juliet’s sitters comment on how easy she is to work with, and it is evident that children love to work with her. Juliet is exceptionally talented at capturing the interactions between people, couples or families. What makes Juliet so easy to work with is probably not only due to the fact that she enjoys every aspect of her art, but also because she loves people and exudes a joie de vivre that rapidly becomes contagious.

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